Quaint Wood Cottage

Homestay | Darjeeling

Quaint Wood Cottage is a lovely abode of travelers located on the edge of the valley at Aloobari Ghumba Gaon in Darjeeling. Mall is just around 3 Kms. from there. Located next door to the Mag Dhog monastery, guests wake up with the lovely views from the cottage and the sound of soothing bhajans playing at the monastery. You can spend the time walking around, soaking in the beauty of the lovely flowers and majestic mountains and the clouds all around and time just go away. Its location is just right, being away from the hustle and bustle of the Mall but not too far that one can't go there. If you want to experience the joy of solitude, looking at the majestic mountains and distant valleys while sipping a cup of lovely Darjeeling tea from the balcony of your room, this is the perfect place to be. The Host of the homestay- Dawa has her incredible cooking skills. If you wish to have Tibetan food, Dawa would cook food so tasty for you that you will be left licking your fingers.



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Aloobari Ghumba Goan, T. N. Road, Aloobari, Darjeeling